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Build-Your-Own EVA Foam Dinosaur (Stegosaurus)

Build-Your-Own EVA Foam Dinosaur (Stegosaurus)

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Calling all dino enthusiasts! The KITOY Build-Your-Own EVA Foam Stegosaurus is the perfect way for kids to spark their imagination and explore the prehistoric world. This exciting set comes with 22 lightweight, colorful EVA foam pieces that easily assemble into a magnificent Stegosaurus model.

Here's what makes the KITOY Stegosaurus special:

  • DIY DINOSAUR FUN: Designed for ages 4 and up, this build-your-own kit encourages CREATIVITY and PROBLEM-SOLVING SKILLS as children assemble the 3D Stegosaurus model.
  • SAFE & STURDY: Made from non-toxic EVA foam, this dinosaur puzzle is SAFE FOR LITTLE HANDS and ensures worry-free playtime.
  • EDUCATIONAL PLAY: The process of building the Stegosaurus helps develop FINE MOTOR SKILLS, HAND-EYE COORDINATION, and SPATIAL REASONING.
  • ROAR-SOME RESULTS: The completed Stegosaurus model stands tall, ready for IMAGINATIVE DINOSAUR ADVENTURES or proudly displayed as a prehistoric masterpiece.
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